Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter encourages you to not waste peoples’ time when you submit your resume.

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So far today, I have been wasting my morning reading resumes that in no way, shape or form fit anything that are submitting them for.

There is one example. Resume I just received for an IT director's job. The cover email they sent was terrific. I must say, this person writes a great cover letter.

The only problem is that the resume doesn't back it up. So I write this cover letter, he tells me about all this wonderful work that is done at the last firm, and in the last industry he worked in. He has been consulting since then. Then, you open up the resume and discover that he has worked as a consultant for the last 10 years (that is absolutely fine). However, he summarized that last 10 years in 5 lines of which 2 of those lines were less than half of a line.

Let's just say it is for lines to cover 10 years of experience.

Do you think my client will actually believe this cover letter? I know I don't. I had a lot of smoke alone at me and my time wasted because this person is too lazy to actually give me some data about what he did, probably because he knows that will knock them out of consideration because it was nonsense work.

For you out there, be considerate of other people and their time. By being considerate I'm asking you not to spam your crap at me.

If you have the skills needed for the job, demonstrated the fit in your resume. If you don't, don't spam your resume. You are nothing more than a Cialis spammer at that point.

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