Avoid Submitting Your Résumé Directly to an Employer (VIDEO)

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter examines why you should be very very VERY reluctant to submit your résumé directly to an employer.

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Today I want to talk with you about why you should be very, very, very reticent . . . Very careful about submitting your resume directly to an employer.

Let me be blunt with you and just say that some employers are excellent and their HR departments are fabulous. I used to work with a number of clients where the HR people were phenomenal. They really knew what they were doing and were quite competent and capable. They were the exceptions. So let's get through the meat grinder of submitting a resume for a second.

1st of all understand that most employers, certainly at the major firms are required to track your resume from beginning to end. That sounds good but they are really tracking it for the US government in order to ensure that they are not biased in some way or discriminating in some way. It is not really about you, your resume or your skills. It's about checking a box off for the US federal government.

So when you submit a resume and apply for jobs through an applicant tracking system, what often happens is you need to do repetitive data entry, you'll upload a resume and then ask yourself, "Who's gonna be looking at this resume?" Initially, do you think it's the manager? Do you think it's really 1 of these capable recruiters? Sometimes it is but most of the time it isn't.

What often happens is the most junior individual the department, sometimes administrative assistant is visually scanning resumes that come through the systems. Often, this person does really know what they're looking for. The result is that unless you have every single keyword in your resume, unless you are doing the exact work that is being looked for, this individual is reluctant to pass your resume on.

Why? Frankly, is because they don't want to get into trouble. In addition, some of the systems try to parse resumes and use formulas to identify whether the experience than are looking for is high enough up in your resume to demonstrate the probability that you fit what they're trying to hire. Thus, algorithms are causing people to be rejected. 1 of the great sins of the technology right now is that software is being used to shoot people down, rather than to screen people in.

If you get stuck in the factory that is the HR technology system, most of the time you're going to get rejected. What you want to be doing is finding your way to a recruiter like I used to be who is quite capable and actually has a relationship with the client who can actually get you in the door with their client IF YOU HAVE THE SKILLS THEY ARE LOOKING FOR and has a resume that can demonstrate it OR you want to work with some of your contacts in order to ensure that they provide an introduction for you.

You don't want to get caught up in the "factory." The factory is there, not to find people, but to reject them.

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  1. SW Sweetie

    Amen on this video. Hiring managers do not mess with the ATS. Most likely, it’s an intern or someone fresh out of college who’s simply checking your resume against some checklist that the HR manager gave them.

  2. SW Sweetie

    Amen on this video. Hiring managers do not mess with the ATS. Most likely, it’s an intern or someone fresh out of college who’s simply checking your resume against some checklist that the HR manager gave them.

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