Here I answer a question from someone who wants to know why recruiters ask how the interview went after someone meets 1 of their clients.

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This question is, "Why do recruiters ask how the interview went?"

We like to debrief the candidate about how their experience was. , There are a number of reasons why this happens, ranging from the innocuous (recruiters really want to know how it went.) to more manipulative reasons. There are other terms for it, but they're not coming to mind right now.

1. We want to know if you've learned something about the job that might be useful to us we have interviewing. After all, sometimes employers don't communicate changes to a job description. They just contact number of recruiters and although they may be talking to the recruiters with some regularity, they may forget to tell the recruiter that they change their thinking about some aspect of the job.

That's one thing, "So how do they explain the position to you," might be 1 of the follow-up questions.

The sequence of questions might go, "How did the interview go?"


"And what sort of things that they ask you about?" There, a recruiters trying to find out the questions you might've been asked.

"How do they explain the position to you?" If the role, sometimes the job description is missing some significant pieces to it that indicate is tantalizing or maybe defective about the job. "Why would anyone want to do this?"

There are a lot of reasons why recruiters would ask that question, including the basic but now one that says, "I want to know if I have a chance of earning a fee with you."

I also want to know whether I should call the client because if you say, "Oh! It was terrible. They just beat me to a pulp." Why would I want to put my head in the noose and putting myself in the position of calling my client and going, "Hi! How to go?" Then I would discover it was bad and get link to your bad performance. The recruiter would remember that I was the person who referred you and then be harder to get more interviews.

The reasons why are primarily to gain information but is also to find out whether or not you might do a placement, whether you are the one who might be hired and whether the recruiter might earn a commission.

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  1. Maurice Levie

    I have ran into tier 2 and lower placement firms these past 2 weeks. OMG the questions these guys ask. It’s as if the early 90s are baaaaaack

  2. Maurice Levie

    I have ran into tier 2 and lower placement firms these past 2 weeks. OMG the questions these guys ask. It’s as if the early 90s are baaaaaack

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