Stupid Interview Mistakes: The Top Questions to NEVER Ask at a Job Interview

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter tells you 5 questions to NEVER ask at a job interview if you want to get a job offer.

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Today, I want to talk with you about some of the worst questions, some of the questions you should never ask, On any job interview. As much as I expect maturity and intelligence and professionalism out of most job hunters, every once in a while I get surprised. Rather than committing these gaffes when you interview, I would rather have them off. Let me talk with you about the top questions you should never ask on a job interview.

1. "By the way, what does your company do?" What would you ever asked this question? Why didn't you just google the website for this firm before the interview? Why don't you just spend some time on their website to learn what this firm does in advance? Startups if they are in stealth mode-- I'm sure you could find something on Mashable or TechCrunch or 1 of the other tech sites that might talk about what the firm is trying to do. But you can't find out through Google what the company does? You send the message when you ask a question like that

2. "Do you do a background check?" The corollary to this question is, (3) "Do you do drug testing?" I can't help but laugh at these questions because you have set up an enormous red flag that says, "There's a problem in my background." Or, "there's an issue that's there." You just told them that there is such a thing.

4. "Do you have any other jobs available?"You basically told him that you're not interested in the job that they Are interviewing you for. Better to continue through the interview. Do it in a professional way. If they ask whether you are interested, you can reply, "I have some questions about whether this is the right role for me." It will allow them to answer your questions If you do have questions. Asking this question is very immature.

5. What is your insurance coverage like? 1 of the things that you don't want to cover in the early stages of an interview is benefits. You want everything focused on whether you can do the job. You have a lot of passion and enthusiasm for doing the job. You are there to help them satisfy their needs.. You are not there to have yours fulfilled at this time. Now, there's a point later on in the interview when they are starting to fall in love and starting to lust after you that you can start dealing with issues of benefits.

But, initially, stay off the kind of question.

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