A recruiter reached out to me a year ago about a position but I wasn’t interested. Now, I decided to look for a job. How do I reach out to them? Is there any etiquette about doing that?

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I received a question from someone that I thought was interesting.The question is, "How can I reach out to a recruiter who contacted me a year ago? Is there an etiquette to keep in mind?"

Hopefully you kept etiquette in mind when you rebuffed the outreach from them. Hopefully you weren't rude, obnoxious, or cause them to question their sanity and ever reaching out to you. Believe it or not, some people act like jerks. That's true of recruiters, obviously, but job hunters do it in spades to say the least.

if you are courteous when they reached out to you and said something along the lines of, "Thank you for reaching out. That wasn't my time to consider other things. It now is." The more drawn out way to do it that I think would work best is, "A year ago you reached out to me about a search that you were doing. I wasn't ready to make a change. Now I am. I would like to schedule time with you. Would you like to see my resume 1st?"

With an executive search firm, with the retained search recruiters, unless they have a position open for what your background would be a fit, you probably won't hear from them.. With a contingency recruiting firm, that's usually the case, as well, but you may get a phone call from them just to clarify your background now. Regardless, there is no harm to reaching out as long as you're well mannered and present yourself decently.

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