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Ep 711 As usual, I offer No BS advice.

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This person writes to me that they have had 11 interviews, 11 rejections and asks, "What should I do next?"

Are you an idiot? Do you know what you need to do next? You need to get better at interviewing!

Obviously, you have a resume that creates attention and you don't know how to interview. Why? Because you not being invited back for 2nd interviews. It's really that simple.

If you not getting interviews, your resume sucks. If you getting interviews and not being invited back, you don't know how to interview. I could go on and on and on about the different steps in the job search,, but the fact of the matter is,, you don't know how to interview.

How do you learn how to interview? I'm going to quickly say that JobSearchCoachingHQ.com Is one place. That's my membership site for job hunters. But, the fact is You can talk with friends. You can get coaching about how to interview. By the way, I can coach you.

JobSeachCoachingHQ.com is a site with great content that will help you interview better If you watch it. And if you practice it. If you don't do anything with it, you are an idiot. The site is there designed to teach you so that we can take the mythology out of job hunting.

You know, the mythology? It's hard. It's difficult. It's painful. It will take a long time. It doesn't have to be that way.

Your issue is that you need to learn how to interview. Learn! You will do a lot better! Then you will get the kind of job that you want.

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a coach who worked as a recruiter for what seems like one hundred years. His work involves life coaching, as well as executive job search coaching and leadership coaching.

JobSearchCoachingHQ.com offers great advice for job hunters—videos, my books and guides to job hunting, podcasts, articles, PLUS a community for you to ask questions of PLUS the ability to ask me questions where I function as your ally with no conflict of interest answering your questions.


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