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This is another 1 of those daily shows I do about job search. My channel on YouTube is TheBigGameHunterTV . I have a lot there that you can watch the will help you with your job search. This is a show about 2nd interviews and a few of the things that you can expect of the 2nd interview.

The 1st thing I always tell people that you will meet a whole new crew of people. You already spoken to HR and maybe a line manager. Sometimes all it had you talk to the team; sometimes or have you talked to the user population.

1 of the interesting things about meeting with the business group that this job supports or a different constituency that the job supports is that their agenda is sometimes a little bit different. If you watch my video called, "The Single Best Question You Should Ask on Any Interview," I want to ask that question again of the user population or the 2nd group in order to make sure that you get their thoughts about what they are expecting from someone in the job.

You can't assume that what you been told. up until this point is the same that they are going to be looking for.

I was on intake call yesterday with the hiring manager who is trying to fill a position. It was an IT job and he was talking about what his boss was looking for in hiring him and his replacement (he's to be moving on to another job). We got to a point where we were talking about the user group. It was my turn to ask questions. I asked, "Are they clear about what they are looking for and how does it match up with what you expect to be looking for?"

The cat was now let out of the bag. "Yes, it is going to be complicated because the 2 groups have a different viewpoint of what is to be looked for… Completely different viewpoints." He tried to make the best out of it, but I heard loud and clear that they are on different pages as to how they are doing the interview.

Expect this group is going to go into more detail with your background. Whoever it is, I don't care if you're an IT accounting, engineering, or whatever, expect that they are going to go with the meticulous detail about what you did, how you went about doing it. If you are an IT, the technology that you utilized. Why you made certain decisions… All this sort of stuff that comes up in an interview.

Thus, if they start off with some questioning on the 1st interview that they didn't quite get to complete, expect that they are going to complete it here.

They may pose some behavioral interview situations to you. Some "what if" scenario to you just as a way of seeing how you think. This is more true of higher level positions than it is for staff level jobs AND it sometimes occurs in staff level interviews.

In answering questions like this, remember, you are signaling how you would be as an employee in their organization. You also want to tie your answer into something that you already know about the job. Understand that they are asking these questions for a reason and they are not just simply hypothetical, out of the blue, nonsensical questions... Most of the time. As such, you want to tie the bow on your experience and how you do the job in the context of what they are looking for.

You can expect to talk money with them. Someone is going to ask how much you are making and how much you are looking for. It's almost going to be a casual thing at a certain point in the interview were almost everything has been done so far, but they will cover it at some point. They may talk about next steps… What their expectations are... Frankly, if they don't, I want you to ask about them.

It's kind of like in dating… "So where do we go from here?" You want to ask them, if they don't explain it to you, "I assume that you're talking to other people. When should I expect to hear back from you about next steps? What would those next steps be." It's questions along those lines that you want to pose in a logical break-point in the interview.

So when they ask, "So, is there anything else?" You'll see that they're trying to get out the door... That's really the ideal time to ask this. "I know you have other things to contend with today. I just want to ask you, I assume that you're interviewing other people, when you explode back to complete this round and when can I expect to hear back about next steps."

"Well, we have people schedule between now and doomsday. Sometime around when hell freezes over you will hear back from us." Okay, they have told you that they are not interested. You get where I'm going to from here.

When all is said and done, these are all pretty predictable things that happened on 2nd interviews and things that you should anticipate and be prepared for. I have another few videos on 2nd interviews. Look for those on YouTube. I think you'll find some great value from them as well.

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