Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers one of those tough interview questions, “I see you interned with a firm. Did they offer you a full-time position at graduation? If not, why not?”

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I have another one of those tough interview questions, this one geared toward fairly recent grads.

"I see he interned for (fill in the blank). Did they offer you a full-time position after graduation and, if not, why not?"

The correct way to answer this is to say, "Yes, I interned for them and did a great job for them. On graduation, I'm sure you realize that the economy has cratered and decide to cut back very dramatically on their internship hires. So, no, I wasn't offered a position but no one else was offered a full-time position with them. I'm sure have great references from them and if you like I can put you in touch with firm you to verify that."

That's really is complicated as you need to be. Acknowledge that you did intern there, that you weren't there for a position, as a matter of fact no one was offered a position there, that you great references and that you be happy put them together with them at the right time.


Do you think employers are trying to help you? You already know you can’t trust recruiters—they tell as they think you need to know to take the job they after representing so they collect their payday.

The skills needed to find a job are different yet complement the skills needed to do a job.

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