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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter offers simple ways to get more LinkedIn connections.

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One of the bashful places that people have is not doing enough to promote your LinkedIn identity.

You send out emails to people, right? Why don't you have a link to your profile, there? It can say something as simple as, "Connect with me on LinkedIn." In bed the link in your signature.

You have a business card? Don't have one? Why not? If you have a business card, but your LinkedIn profile there. It becomes another way that people can find you. Connect with me on LinkedIn have a link next to it with how to find you. You could also have a QR code that allows people to connect with your LinkedIn profile on the back side of your card.

However you do it, just put out your LinkedIn profile, in more places will invite more connections. Even if you if you hand the card out to someone that you meet at a meetup, your LinkedIn profile or to be there So the people know how to find you later on and follow you and connect with you.

Whether you are in, job search mode actively now or you are at your new job, have them include your profile link on your new card. In this way, you're building up more connections, able to create more business for them of course, those connections become the basis of relationship building for many years to come.

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